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How To Make Your Own Mojitos

It’s currently a scorching summer in Australia, which means that we are constantly scrambling to find fun ways to cool down. Usually you will find us huddling underneath the aircon at the office during the week, while on the weekend you’ll find us having a swim and having a drink at the beach with friends. Sometimes, the weekend is not close enough though! So this Friday afternoon we decided to do something frisky and brought Happy Hour to us - by making our own mojitos!

Lately we’ve been addicted to making cocktails. They’re such a fun way to socialise – at business-casual events AND late-night hangs with your friends – and the art of making an amazing cocktail is something we can all appreciate. But we must warn you - cocktails are not just for the faint of heart. They may seem filled with saccharine goodness but they pack a punch if you aren’t careful!

Making our own cocktails has been exciting, because we can make our drinks as strong or as sweet as we want. And we have to admit, it’s been super easy with the Go Date Myself Cocktail Starter Kit as it has all the tools we need to perfect the art of making cocktails (a cocktail shaker, a jigger, a strainer a bar spoon and ice tongs!). There are also three unbreakable cocktail glasses included in the kit so we can experiment in style, and the recipe book (our proudest creation!) tells us how to make all our favourites – cosmopolitan, sex on the beach, martinis and so much more!

Friday Fundays, though, are reserved for bottomless mojitos. They are the perfect refreshing drink with a delicious mix of citrus and sweet flavours, and there’s nothing more satisfying than a minty cocktail to freshen us up for the weekend. Let’s also not forget that they are one of the easiest cocktails to make – great for when your brain is shutting down after a long week of work! We had heaps of fun making them for each other at the office, and hope you have a great weekend trying your own too. Enjoy!

The Go Date Myself Team

Go Date Myself - Cocktail Starter Kit - Mojito Recipe

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