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Go Date Myself - Mini-Golf-Starter Kit - Instructions - Cropped

Inside Our Mini-Golf Starter Kit

February has been such an exciting time for us so far as we celebrate the launch of THREE new hobby starter kits! We’ve been preparing these kits for the last several months, making sure everything is perfect, and now we can’t wait for you all to experience them for yourselves. Creating these kits has been a labour of love, and so over the next few weeks I look forward to sharing with you a bit about each of them – what inspired us to create each kit, what’s inside of them, as well as some creative ways to use our products. This week, I will be focusing on one of our most original boxes and my personal favourite – the Mini-Golf Starter Kit!

Our Mini-Golf Starter Kit is close to my heart as it was inspired by my childhood experiences playing golf with my dad. Since I was young, I remember my dad being an avid golfer who wanted me and my sister to share his love for the game. We had our own set of kids-sized golf clubs, and each Saturday afternoon we would go to the local pitch and putt course and try beat dad’s score (we never did, but it was always so much fun to try!). I can’t say that I was great at golf – my dad always called me the next Karrie Webb but I think that was more out of encouragement than recognition of talent – but then again it didn’t really matter if I was any good. It was all about having fun and spending precious time with family, and I’ve always looked back fondly on these little memories.

One of my favourite memories to look back on was when I was around ten years old, and my sister and I created our very own mini-golf course in our backyard. One day we were so bored at home during the school holidays and found a batch of fake grass mats lying around in the garage that reminded us of mini-golf greens. We spent hours designing our course – cutting circles out of the mats and setting up nine greens in the backyard, while using bricks and pieces of cardboard as obstacles for each hole. We had just as much fun creating the course as we did testing it out with friends and family for the rest of the holidays. It was such a uniquely creative idea, and as an adult I miss that kind of imagination we used to create fun, new experiences for ourselves.

When the Go Date Myself team was discussing new ideas for hobby starter kits to release this year, I became super excited at the possibility of creating a mini-golf kit that allowed others to have the same experience as what I had during my childhood. What’s more was that I was excited about what new ideas we could come up with as adults, beyond the world of brick and cardboard obstacles. The team and I had so much fun thinking about entertaining ways to use everyday objects around the home as part of the courses, and I'm curious to see how others take these ideas one step further with their own designs.

Go Date Myself - Mini-Golf Starter Kit - Blog - Sneak Peek

So what have we included in this Mini-Golf Starter Kit?

Instead of having to cut your own holes out of fake grass, we’ve included nine plastic golf holes with flags that you can place anywhere inside your home, in your backyard or even at your local park. Nine is the standard number of holes for a golf course, so you will have the chance to create an entire course by yourself. The wooden blocks provided serve as obstacles, though what you decide to use is only limited by your imagination. The kit also includes a foldable putter and golf ball, so that you can enjoy your own mini-golf course after it’s completed.

We have also created an instruction booklet to help you get started. This booklet is our favourite part of the kit, demonstrating 9 beginner hole and 9 expert hole designs that use everything from cling wrap and toilet paper to saucepans and kitchen tongs as part of the courses. We had so many inventive and whacky designs to choose from – here are some of the extras we loved but didn’t make it in:

Go Date Myself - Mini-Golf Starter Kit - Golf Hole - Plastic Cups Course

This Is the Last Straw

You will need: 9 plastic cups, packet of straws

Arrange plastic cups as shown in the diagram. Place straws on top of the cups. Add an extra stroke for each straw that falls off during a putt.

Go Date Myself - Mini-Golf Starter Kit - Golf Hole - Duct For Cover

Duct for Cover

You will need: air conditioning duct, 2 cling wrap rolls.

Arrange cling wrap rolls as shown in the diagram to create a barrier. Bend the air conditioning duct 180o to use as a tunnel.

Go Date Myself - Mini-Golf Starter Kit - Golf Hole - Cricket Course

I Don’t Like Cricket, I Love It

You will need: cricket bat, stumps, and bails.

Arrange cricket bat, wickets and bails as shown in the diagram. If the ball hits the wicket the player forfeits the game.

Go Date Myself - Mini-Golf Starter Kit - Golf Hole - Sk8ter Boi

Sk8er Boi

You will need: skateboard, helmet, 3 rolls of cling wrap, 2 rulers, cardboard from tissue/shoe box.

Create a ramp by cutting out cardboard from a tissue or shoe box and place at the starting point. Arrange skateboard, helmet and cling wrap rolls as shown in the diagram. Place rulers on either side of the gaps at the front of the skateboard to create a barrier. The skateboard serves both as a ramp and a tunnel for golfers to reach the hole.

As you can see, there are an infinite number of ways you can design your course - get creative and use furniture, pets, even sleeping friends as part of your master design! Make sure to share your new designs with us by tagging us @godatemyself on Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #godatemyself so we can find you. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Until next time,

The Go Date Myself Team


The Go Date Myself Mini-Golf Starter Kit is available here. Shop now!

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