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Go Date Myself - Welcome Post - Welcome to our Dating Guide

Welcome to our Dating Guide

I want to warmly welcome you to our Dating Guide – our little corner of the world where hobby hunters like ourselves can share tips and tricks about the new adventures we’ve been loving in life!

As Creative Director of Go Date Myself, I am personally excited to show you my own experiences as well as be inspired by your stories as we share this journey of finding hobbies together. Being an avid hobby enthusiast has meant that I have always been on this search to discover the next new experience. I know what it’s like to google “what to do when I’m bored” or “what new hobby should I start”, when trying to fill time and distract myself from the more mundane, stressful or depressing parts of life. Sometimes trying something new is the only way to revitalise energy in our lives or get ourselves out of that rut that is holding us back.

As part of my first post, I would like to announce that over the course of the next few months we will be releasing a series of hobby boxes that serve as starter packs for some of our favourite hobbies. I have to admit we have COMPLETELY overthought these boxes, as we want to choose the best hobbies to release to you first. They are designed to suit a range of personalities and interests, and we can’t wait to release more.

But in the meanwhile, if we don’t have the hobby box for you, that’s okay! While our Dating Guide will offer lots of extra tips on how to use our current boxes, we are also dedicated to showcasing hobby ideas we haven’t even prepared in a box yet. I want this blog to be a place where everyone can find a hobby that resonates with them, regardless of whether you have bought a box or not. And if you would love to see one of these other hobby ideas in a box, please let us know and check our Coming Soon page as we’re always looking to expand our range to suit your interests.

I hope we grow into an encouraging and inspiring community of people passionate about trying new things and seeking new adventures, and that we can all grow together in our path to finding fulfilment in our lives. I’m excited to get to know you all!

Lots of love,

The Go Date Myself team

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